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Nose Surgery

San Diego Cosmetic Nose Surgery

As a central facial feature, your nose’s size and shape are vital components of your overall appearance. However, many feel the size of their nose is a detractor to the appeal of their face. Common facial issues, such as wide nostrils and lumps on the nasal bridge, can be aesthetically corrected with rhinoplasty or cosmetic nose surgery in San Diego with Dr. Pietraszek. Even a seemingly minor change in the shape of your nose can have a positive effect on total facial aesthetics.

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What a Rhinoplasty Can Do for You

Cosmetic nose surgery is versatile in its ability to create a more appealing shape, whether your areas of concerns are overall size, elongated nose tip, large nostrils, or a wide bridge. Through rhinoplasty, Dr. Pietraszek can accomplish the following for his patients:

• Create better balance in connection with facial features
• Correct overly arched nose
• Help with breathing problems by rebuilding the nasal passage
• Uplift downward sloping tip
• Refine wide or blunt bridge

With a nasal shape that compliments facial appearance, , patients feel significantly more confident. In some cases, creating a daintier and attractively sloping nose can make patients look younger as well. Rhinoplasty can also be provided for patients who experienced crooked nose bridges after an accident, injury, or a genetic abnormality that has created noses that are dramatically too large. With cosmetic treatment, it’s possible to see more of your true self and always feel confident in your appearance.

Options for Aesthetic Nose Surgery in San Diego

During your consultation, Dr. Pietraszek can inform patients whether their needs will include open or closed surgical processes. In the closed treatment process, small incisions are made in nostrils to create desired changes, making your treatment as discreet as possible.

Open rhinoplasty procedures are typically necessary when your treatment plan requires comprehensive alterations. While more extensive, this process allows for better control during the procedure itself, producing the dramatic and appealing changes you’re looking for. We select the most appropriate method possible for helping patients achieve desired results and allowing our team the control necessary to efficiently complete your treatment.

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In all rhinoplasty treatments, our goal is to make sure patients feel naturally beautiful and that their new noses create harmony with the rest of their facial features. For more information about cosmetic nose surgery in La Jolla, San Diego, please contact Dr. Pietraszek or a member of our team.

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