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Tummy Tuck

Achieve a Slimmer Midsection with a Tummy Tuck in San Diego 

Dr. Pietreszek provides tummy tucks in La Jolla, San Diego to help patients shed bothersome excess skin from their midsections and enjoy the freedom of improved body contours. While skin changes in elasticity over time, there are those who experience areas of significantly loosened skin due to extreme weight loss and pregnancy – and this loose skin typically cannot be resolved unless removed.  Our expertise in plastic surgery and our commitment to producing best possible results helps our patients enjoy renewed confidence and wellness. 


Interested in a Tummy Tuck? Dr. Pietraszek Can Help

Creating best results for your abdominoplasty first involves completing a comprehensive, one-on-one consultation with our plastic surgeon to determine how muscle laxity, extra skin, and small fat deposits can be effectively corrected or eliminated.  During your tummy tuck surgery, Dr. Pietraszek can take any of the following steps to create a firmer and leaner midsection:

Re-Position Muscles

Pregnancy can cause muscles in the abdomen to separate, making it especially difficult to re-shape your midsection even with diet and exercise. Part of the tummy tuck process includes repositioning muscles so your abdomen appears leaner and firmer.

Removal of Excess Skin

Depending on whether loose skin is primarily located in the upper or lower abdomen, Dr. Pietraszek targets specific issues and extracts excess tissue. For patients who have gone through extreme weight loss, this process reveals the flatter stomachs they’ve worked for.  With the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle that helped to drop the pounds in the first place, patients can begin to see muscle definition in the abdominal area that would have been previously hidden under extra skin.

Fat Reduction

While it should be noted that tummy tucks are primarily intended for the above, the abdominoplasty process can involve the removal of small fat deposits in the midsection, creating a slimmer and sleeker profile.

With improved contours, and without the burden of excess skin, patients feel more comfortable in clothing, can exercise freely, and do not have to worry about wearing compression garments under clothes to hide bulges around their stomachs.  We want you to feel comfortable and confident in seeking your tummy tuck procedure; our La Jolla Plastic surgeon personalizes your procedure to correct bothersome aesthetic problems and provide the new shape, and confidence, you’ve been hoping for.

La Jolla Tummy Tuck in San DiegoSan Diego Tummy Tuck in La Jolla

Post-Tummy Tuck Recovery

We spend time with patients before surgery in pre-op consultations, helping to establish what the recovery process will involve and what to expect during treatment. Dr. Pietrazcek’s comforting and thorough approach to tummy tuck care helps patients enjoy best results. It’s typically advised that patients give themselves a week to recover from treatment and take all prescribed medication to control discomfort and post-treatment swelling. In week increments, patients will begin to notice increases in comfort and can gradually resume daily activity. In 4-6 weeks, the final results of your re-shaped midsection will be more visible.

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