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La Jolla Breast Augmentation

San Diego Breast Augmentation - La Jolla Breast Enlargement - La Jolla Breast Implants

*WARNING: This section contains images of exposed patients that might be considered offensive to some people and are not intended to be seen by minors. Please select another section if you are not an adult and do not have parental consent.

Breast Augmentation San Diego, La Jolla Plastic SurgerySan Diego Breast Augmentation Specialist, Dr. James C. Pietraszek is renowned in La Jolla and San Diego for his cosmetic body contouring abilities but more especially for breast augmentation(commonly referred to as breast enlargement or breast implants) services in Southern California. Dr. Pietraszek is proud to offer San Diego County the highest quality care in breast augmentaion as well as many other plastic surgery procedures. If you are looking for quality breast augmentation treatment in La Jolla and all of San Diego, Dr. Pietraszek comes highly recommended and is known for beautiful yet natural and long lasting results. Breast augmentation, commonly known as breast implants or a "boob job" (in San Diego and southern California) is also known as breast enlargement or augmentation mammoplasty and is a surgical enhancement procedure to accentuate the size and shape of a woman's breasts. While breast augmentation will make the breasts larger, the surgery will not move the breasts closer together or lift sagging breasts. Breast augmentation is tremendous help to patients who desire a fuller profile, who have lost breast volume due to pregnancy or nursing, or who have undergone breast reconstruction and want to gain a more natural look again.

If you have any questions about breast augmentaion procedures or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact The La Jolla Institute of Plastic Surgery, the office of Dr. James C. Pietraszek at (858) 450-3377. We look forward to hearing from you and offering you the service you deserve!

Breast Augmentation Pricing and Payment Options

Breast augmentation surgery pricing can range from $5,500 to $6,500, depending on the type of breast implant(saline vs. silicone) used. Also, from time-to-time, we may offer a special incentive for this procedure so be sure to ask if we are currently running any exclusive promotions! Feel free to call us directly at (858) 450-3377 or email us at ptcoord@plasticsurgerylajolla.com for more information.

A breast augmentation surgery is a cosmetic procedure and usually can't be covered by your health insurance, however there are many payment options available! The La Jolla Institute of Plastic Surgery accepts all credit cards(Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express) and we also offer great financing options through CareCredit (0% Interest for up to 18 months, on approved credit) and Point Loma Credit Union. You can apply online and be approved within a matter of just a few minutes!

Our breast augmentation fee includes: Dr. Pietraszek's surgeon fee, surgical facility costs, anesthesia fees, breast implant costs, and post-surgery garments.

Reasons for Considering Breast Augmentation:

  • Enhance body shape if breasts are too small.
  • Increase breast volume after pregnancy and nursing.
  • Equalize a difference in breast size (cup size) to gain breast symmetry.
  • Reconstruct breasts following a mastectomy or injury.

Breast Augmentation General Procedure

Breast augmentation requires surgical placement of breast implants to enhance breast size. The most common incisions include an inframammary incision (near the crease under the breast), an axillary incision (in the underarm area), or a periareolar incision placed at the edge of the areola (the pigmented skin surrounding the nipple). Incision patterns vary based on the type of implant, degree of enlargement desired, patient anatomy, and patient and surgeon preference.

Through the incisions, a pocket is created either directly behind the breast tissue (submammary or subglandular placement) or beneath the pectoral muscle and on top of the chest wall (submuscular placement). The implant is positioned within this pocket and incisions are closed with layered, non-removable sutures in the breast tissue and with sutures, skin adhesive or surgical tape to close the skin.

The results of breast augmentation are immediately visible. Over time, post-surgical swelling will resolve and incision lines will refine. Satisfaction with your enhanced body image should continue to grow as you experience the fulfillment of your goal for fuller breasts.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Process

Generally, post-operative instructions call for plenty of rest and limited movement in order to speed up the healing process and recovery time. Bandages are applied right after surgery to aid the healing process and to minimize movement of the breasts. Once the bandages are removed, a post breast enlargement specialized surgical bra will need to be worn for several weeks. Patients sometimes report minor pain associated with the surgery. This pain can be treated effectively with oral medication. While complications are rare, patients can minimize potential problems by carefully following the directions given by the physician after surgery.

Breast Augmentation Before and After Examples

Before and after photos can help you better understand the various procedures that are available to you, in addition to helping you form reasonable expectations of what can be achieved through plastic surgery. It is important to keep in mind that each person is different and that your results may vary. Click here to view our before and after gallery.










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